March 3, 2016~ The Maine Gift



mainebirt1.jpgPoem above is my only birthday present for Maine on her birthday. I know for a fact that I am not a poetic person but I was amazed on why did this words came up on my mind. Let me repost it for clearer view.


Ikaw ang nagbigay ligaya

Sa mga araw na kami ay may mga problema

Mga kilos ng mukha na kaaya-aya

ay siyang nagbigay sa amin ng sigla at saya

Ikaw ang anghel sa mga Lolo at Lola

Na nagbigay lakas sa bawat sakit na nadarama

Mga gamot na sa kanila’y inilalapatΒ 

Mga dubsmash mo’y nagsilbing pangsalba

Sa iyong mga ngiti

Kami ang labis na masaya

Wag lang ikaw ang paiyakin

dahil buong nasyon ang kaaway nila

Sa ikatlong araw ng Marso

Ikaw ay paliligayahin

Kaarawan ay ipagdiriwang sa buong mundo

dahil IKAW ay Mainenamahal namin

I know its really not that good, it wasn’t rhyming and I really don’t know how or what are the basic requirements in making a poem.

But as what I’ve said, I made it straight from the heart just to give it to Maine on her special day. This is my very very first poem ever made, that’s why it wasn’t polish good that much. I guess I need to write more, practice more till I got the nice one.

I hope Maine have read this and appreciate even 2% of it..ahhaahaha.. but I know she appreciated every little thing that was given on her.



Smile like nobody’s watching, let all your emotions come out with no inhibitions. Coz people will be delighted by witnessing a very authentic smile that gives good vibes to all nation


Never in doubt of your capabilities in doing the things you don’t usually do, just go with the flow because it really comes out, your talents are innate right from the start, it just hide for awhile but now it is already open as wide as this sunflower farm that blooms widely.

Happy 21st Birthday Maine, hope you have enjoyed everything. The surprise birthday party before and after and everything they prepared on you. Wishing you more more good health and may god bless you always. Stay as what you are..NEVER CHANGED. Don’t let others changed you for what they wanted you to be because we know that you are a genuine, pure and have this authentic heart inside of you. SMILE ALWAYS. 😊


My Birthday message and wishes for you @mainedcm


ciao everyJuanπŸ˜‰


Author: ai Leen

I'm really not a book reader so I must say I'm not good in expresing something in a poetic way. I graduated as an Engineering basically in Computer field, but I'm not working instead helping our small family business. I love to sing but the songs don't like my voice "baka umulan lang". I like to dance but my body is in bulgy (mataba eh) so small indak2 lang. There's many things about me, i'll tell it all here. Hopefully!

2 thoughts on “March 3, 2016~ The Maine Gift

  1. She’s amazing. Nakakabawas homesick. By the way, the poem is lovely. Keep it up. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

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