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Imagine You and Me

Lyrics by: Nicomaine Dei Mendoza
Music by: Vic Sotto
Arranged by: Jimmy Antiporda

All my life I was dreaming
All my life I was searching
All my life I was seeking
For someone I can truly call my own

Then you arrived all of a sudden
Without a warning, it was you that I saw
Without a warning, it was you who came
You came right when I did not know what to say

It would be nice to have you in my life
Would there be a chance for you to give it a try
It would be the best day of our lives
Imagine you and me, together eternally

You could have been lost but here you are saved
Don’t you ever go astray
What I would give to make you feel okay
I would gladly give it all away

It would be nice to have you in my life
Would there be a chance for you to give it a try
It would be the best day of our lives
Imagine you and me, together eternally

And i hope you see that I would love to love you
Imagine you and me
I have waited my whole life just to meet you
And now that you are here I don’t think you could lose you

This would be the best day of our lives
Imagine you and me, together eternally


You may visit Eat Bulaga’s youtube channel to watch the video.


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Got inspired to made this poem before I went to sleep earlier this day. Hope you’ll like it, this was exactly the July 16, 2015 feels the moment Maine reacted and suddenly changes her snobbish mood to a beautiful and smiling nanny of Lola Nidora. The start of the phenomenon.

Moments of ALDUB but now its MaiChard for REAL.

ciao everyJuan 😍



mainebirt1.jpgPoem above is my only birthday present for Maine on her birthday. I know for a fact that I am not a poetic person but I was amazed on why did this words came up on my mind. Let me repost it for clearer view.


Ikaw ang nagbigay ligaya

Sa mga araw na kami ay may mga problema

Mga kilos ng mukha na kaaya-aya

ay siyang nagbigay sa amin ng sigla at saya

Ikaw ang anghel sa mga Lolo at Lola

Na nagbigay lakas sa bawat sakit na nadarama

Mga gamot na sa kanila’y inilalapat 

Mga dubsmash mo’y nagsilbing pangsalba

Sa iyong mga ngiti

Kami ang labis na masaya

Wag lang ikaw ang paiyakin

dahil buong nasyon ang kaaway nila

Sa ikatlong araw ng Marso

Ikaw ay paliligayahin

Kaarawan ay ipagdiriwang sa buong mundo

dahil IKAW ay Mainenamahal namin

I know its really not that good, it wasn’t rhyming and I really don’t know how or what are the basic requirements in making a poem.

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12/25/2015-MyBebeLove #KiligPaMore

Merry Christmas!🎄

As usual, kinabukasan late ng magigising. Since its Christmas tulog to the max dapat, but not this time. December 25, 2015 showing of My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore. Right the first time I’ve heard that ALDUB will be a part of Bossing’s MMFF entry I already requested my big sister if she could give this as a Christmas gift, watching it on the cinema. So this is it, it’s already showing in cinemas nationwide.

So as wish granted, I was tasked to go to the mall earlier to get a ticket because since a ALDUB was there, many people will surely lined up to watch. So I went first to JCentre Mall where we will watch the movie. Accompanying with me to watch was my mother and big sister who treat us for the movie. The mall opened at exactly 12:00 noon, when I arrived the people are already clustered outside. I guess we have only one destination, MOVIE CINEMA. At di ako nagkamali, as the gates open, some are running towards the escalator maybe for them to be the first to line up.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

There were two cinemas inside the mall, Cinema 1 and Cinema 2. Cinema 2 is intended for MyBebeLove while the other one is for Beauty in Beastie. Ito kasi ang dalawang naglalaban para maging box office hits.

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The Anticipated Day: #MyBebeLoveLiveInCebu Mall Show

Aloha!Sorry for the late update. I’m here to share my experience last December 17, 2015 which was the first Mall Show of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza together, plus Ms. Aiai delas Alas and Bossing Vic Sotto. Direk Jose Javier Reyes the director of My Bebe Love was also present in the event. It was held @ SM Seaside City the 3rd largest mall in the Philippines and in the country.

So before I went to that anticipated event, this are the list of my activities in the morning before travelling to SM Seaside:

  • Early Morning. Before anything else, we went to the church to attend the 2nd Night Mass or what we called “Misa de Gallo”. I included in my prayers that hopefully there will be no any circumstances will occur on the event.
  • After Mass. Time check 6:10 AM. When we got home, I tried to went back to sleep, but unfortunately maybe because of the excitement i felt, my eyes were wide awake 👀.
  • Breakfast (First problem). As we were eating breakfast, my brother arrived and told me if I could wait for my niece who was taking her exam until 11:40 AM, since I’m going to the school to wait for my nephew whose exam will end at 9:00 AM (see the time lapse?about 2-3 hrs of waiting inside the school premises 😩) this was not the first time because every time they have exams I was the one who will wait for them, but the only problem it was special a day to me. At first I was distressed because Dec. 16, Micka’s mother told me that I can go to the venue earlier because for sure daw maraming tao, so I was happy on that act, and now boom! happiness vanished on my body and was replaced with irritation. I thought I could go to the venue earlier as what I have posted on my earlier blog entitled “What to prepare when going to a Mall Tour” — first on the list was to go to the venue as early as possible if you really want to view your idols nearly. So the plan was scrap because something happened (Micka’s mother got sick). Well, what can I do, as a younger sister and a loving Tita (char!..hahahah) I need to follow them and back to my Tita duties — waiting for this kiddielits at school.
  • Classes End/Exams are finished. Time check 11:50 AM. So finally they were finished.  We went home directly for them to eat their lunch and for me to went to the venue.
  • At Home (Second problem). Time check 12:10 PM. When we arrived in the house, Mama told me that Papa was calling me for how many times (but I left my phone charging-in preparation for picture taking. #ALAMNA) she told me that he was mad because there’s this certain document that I haven’t prepared and it was needed to be delivered to the customer. (Sorry, nakalimutan ko talaga, please understand because my mind was in full focus of the event.)😎
  • Decision Making. So, I need to decide, whether to go or to stay, what if, Papa won’t allow me anymore to go there because he was already mad, (think think think.🔮  👆) after 20 seconds of thinking…😝 bilis diba hahahah, I have decided to go! I quickly change to my comfortable attire which was a jeans and a red polo shirt plus a flat shoes (yung pang boy attire–I’m comfortable wearing it). I change as quick as I could so that I can leave before he went home, but unfortunately the car beeps like hoink!hoink! (yung busina at the end of KS na palaging nakakahang) so its a sign that father dear has arrived.
  • Asking for Permission. When my father entered the house I thought he was totally mad, but oh! the face was not so red so meaning he was already in calm. I was already prepared to go so he asked me why I didn’t answer my phone calls and why I didn’t prepared the documents, so I only answered I forgot (less talk, less mistake-right!). Before I got totally out from the house, he shouted if who was my companion, so I answered ALDEN (oh diba kiniclaim ko nah ✌️). 
  • READY TO GO. Time check 12:35 Noon. Oh heto nah! All my bags are packed I’m ready to go. Yey! 🙌

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What to prepare when going to a Mall Tour

  1. Time. Be ready. Try to go to the location as early as possible if you want to be in front to see your idols clearly. Otherwise, you’ll see them from afar or in the screen provided in the show.


    Get up!It’s time to go!

  2. What to wear. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes when going to a mall show. It’s better to move easily than to be unease while watching the event. A jeans/pedals/shorts, shirt plus flat shoes will do for the girls. For the boys, I guess they are comfortable with whatever they wear. 😀

    Let’s take ALDUB as an example, see how comfortable they move literally. 😀


  3. Smartphones/Ipads with full battery. This is important. Before you sleep at night make sure to charge your phone. Smartphones/iPad are the most easiest media to be used when taking selfies. If you have power banks be sure its full also, in case your smartphones got low battery you can easily charge it.

    images (1).jpg

    Make sure the power bank and smartphones are in full battery.

  4. Cameras. Also bring with you your cameras for better shots. This is very helpful just like smartphones because you can capture sweet moments from afar by zooming in and out.

    download (1).jpg

    Zoom in and out. Click!

  5. Foods. Don’t ever forget to bring your own food. If you don’t want to be replaced from your position better to bring and eat it in place. I suggest hamburgers and drinks, less burden in carrying and you can easily dispose your trash in your bag. 😛

    images (2).jpg

    Pacheeseburger ka naman.

  6. Water. If possible bring your own water for safety precautions. Water is essential part of life. If in case you haven’t bring any food you can ease your hunger by drinking some water.

    download (2).jpg

    Bring your own water.

  7. Memorabilias. If you have magazines, cd’s or any memorabilia of your idols, try to bring them with you in case they will initiate a idol-fan meeting.

    images (3).jpg

    Magazines or a CD’s or a tarp of them or anything related to them will do.

  8. Be prepared. This will be the last but definitely not the least. When going to a mall show, days before you must be ready to from the things you need to bring to what you will wear, and to the possibilities happen like (siksikan, tulakan, sometimes magkakabukol ka pa). You must be prepared on what will be the outcome when your idols went out to entertain thousands/millions of supporters including you/us.
  9. So this is the last and very important one that you must kept in mind. PRAY. Prayers are the most powerful weapon we should have. Before attacking to a battle we need to say a little prayer for us to be secured and for the safety of all the people going to the event. A prayer that nothing will happen as the event is going on. No one should be harmed and make the supporters calm and not so oblivious to the extent you can harm others.

    images (4).jpg


So that’s it, this are the following which I consider as valuable things to be prepared when attending a mall show. Tomorrow is the big day. My Bebe Love #Kiligpamore mall show @ SM Seaside City. Are you going? See you there?

Ciao everyJuan.

Note: Credits to all the pictures used.

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So Excited…for what???

Oh My God, just Oh My God!

Okay this is the explanation of my excitement. I know everyone knew about the ALDUB craze. And well I was hit with that craze and now I am a proud ALDUB fan too..Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza was just so so amazing to the infinite.

Whenever I see Alden in the screen I don’t know why but my heart flutters. Sino pa naman ang hindi sa ganito ka gwapong lalaki.


Kinikilig ako!Just the same with the image Bae portrayed.

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