The Anticipated Day: #MyBebeLoveLiveInCebu Mall Show


Aloha!Sorry for the late update. I’m here to share my experience last December 17, 2015 which was the first Mall Show of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza together, plus Ms. Aiai delas Alas and Bossing Vic Sotto. Direk Jose Javier Reyes the director of My Bebe Love was also present in the event. It was held @ SM Seaside City the 3rd largest mall in the Philippines and in the country.

So before I went to that anticipated event, this are the list of my activities in the morning before travelling to SM Seaside:

  • Early Morning. Before anything else, we went to the church to attend the 2nd Night Mass or what we called “Misa de Gallo”. I included in my prayers that hopefully there will be no any circumstances will occur on the event.
  • After Mass. Time check 6:10 AM. When we got home, I tried to went back to sleep, but unfortunately maybe because of the excitement i felt, my eyes were wide awake 👀.
  • Breakfast (First problem). As we were eating breakfast, my brother arrived and told me if I could wait for my niece who was taking her exam until 11:40 AM, since I’m going to the school to wait for my nephew whose exam will end at 9:00 AM (see the time lapse?about 2-3 hrs of waiting inside the school premises 😩) this was not the first time because every time they have exams I was the one who will wait for them, but the only problem it was special a day to me. At first I was distressed because Dec. 16, Micka’s mother told me that I can go to the venue earlier because for sure daw maraming tao, so I was happy on that act, and now boom! happiness vanished on my body and was replaced with irritation. I thought I could go to the venue earlier as what I have posted on my earlier blog entitled “What to prepare when going to a Mall Tour” — first on the list was to go to the venue as early as possible if you really want to view your idols nearly. So the plan was scrap because something happened (Micka’s mother got sick). Well, what can I do, as a younger sister and a loving Tita (char!..hahahah) I need to follow them and back to my Tita duties — waiting for this kiddielits at school.
  • Classes End/Exams are finished. Time check 11:50 AM. So finally they were finished.  We went home directly for them to eat their lunch and for me to went to the venue.
  • At Home (Second problem). Time check 12:10 PM. When we arrived in the house, Mama told me that Papa was calling me for how many times (but I left my phone charging-in preparation for picture taking. #ALAMNA) she told me that he was mad because there’s this certain document that I haven’t prepared and it was needed to be delivered to the customer. (Sorry, nakalimutan ko talaga, please understand because my mind was in full focus of the event.)😎
  • Decision Making. So, I need to decide, whether to go or to stay, what if, Papa won’t allow me anymore to go there because he was already mad, (think think think.🔮  👆) after 20 seconds of thinking…😝 bilis diba hahahah, I have decided to go! I quickly change to my comfortable attire which was a jeans and a red polo shirt plus a flat shoes (yung pang boy attire–I’m comfortable wearing it). I change as quick as I could so that I can leave before he went home, but unfortunately the car beeps like hoink!hoink! (yung busina at the end of KS na palaging nakakahang) so its a sign that father dear has arrived.
  • Asking for Permission. When my father entered the house I thought he was totally mad, but oh! the face was not so red so meaning he was already in calm. I was already prepared to go so he asked me why I didn’t answer my phone calls and why I didn’t prepared the documents, so I only answered I forgot (less talk, less mistake-right!). Before I got totally out from the house, he shouted if who was my companion, so I answered ALDEN (oh diba kiniclaim ko nah ✌️). 
  • READY TO GO. Time check 12:35 Noon. Oh heto nah! All my bags are packed I’m ready to go. Yey! 🙌

I’ll use as if today is December 17, so that I can convey the different feelings/emotions I have encountered on the event.

So here it is I’m finally travelling to SM Seaside using mybus.

Tickets are sold at SM Cebu City in North Reclamation Area where the terminal for mybus are located. mybus cards costs Php 200.00 and already loaded with Php 100.00. Fare price from SM Cebu City to SM Seaside is Php 25.00 for regular passengers while Php 20.00 for Senior Citizens and students.

Ticket used before riding mybus
images (5).jpg
The 41meter x 41meter cube centerpiece denotes for SM Seaside.

As I was riding in the bus alone, with the other passengers, I have noticed that some are talking about the ALDUB loveteam, there was this 3 ladies I guess their age are on the mid 40’s. Their talking about the kalyeserye, about Alden and Yaya Dub and the Lola’s. At the middle of their conversation a motorcycle passed by with two men in a close face black helmet and they directly said “Riding in tandems oh!” pointing to the motorcycle and after that they laughed with each other, that was hilarious isn’t it? I guess I’m just the same with them but the problem is I was on my own. Hilarious on a thing that when you saw something that are related to ALDUB you just smile without any reason. Adik nato pa rehab na kaya ako..hahaha!

When the bus finally arrives at SM Seaside, the tension is on, you can hear different screaming either on the ground, 2nd floor and 3rd floor. My mistake is I haven’t searched where the venue is located, so what I did, I only followed where the screaming are. Some are running with no exact direction. I started walking and just following where my feet will lead me. Until I got into the crowd at the 3rd floor where the SKY HALL is located.

Sky Hall located 3rd floor

The crowd is not yet as heavy as I expected maybe because it’s still 1:00 in the afternoon and some students are still in school. While waiting for the time, other teenagers are watching Kalyeserye  in which the Lola’s and ALDUB are live in Brgy. Lorega, they are using their smartphones. The funny thing is, when there are screaming, the people standing on the hallway quickly talked jam with the crowd thinking that the loveteam has already arrived. (katuwa naman to,kahit ako nanood na din sa phone nila.)

It’s my second time going to a Mall Show, first one was with the KathNiel in SM Cebu, but that was a year ago and ALDUB was not yet born at that time. The crowd was also heavy but what’s the difference was the gender of the fans. Most of the fans in KathNiel Mall Show was more on girls, but in ALDUB, what shocked me is that there are more BOYS than GIRLS.

Sa na capture lang yan, marami pang boys sa likod ko.
Daming tao, di na kaya ng mga Guards kaya to the
Explain pa more Manong Head Guard.

Yes, the crowd is now heavy yet the time is still young. The people behind keeps pushing and wanted to break the barricade that has been blocked by the guards. Some are screaming “Pagawasa si Yaya kay lowbat na among cellphone” (Let Yaya out because our cellphones are already drained.) As the time passes by, there are people who are already entering inside the SKY Hall. They are those who have availed the SKY HALL pass.



Above are the requirements to get a ONE (1) SKY HALL pass. (credits to SM Seaside FB Page). Since the requirements are a little bit overpriced (in my case, because alang pera eh😜 hahahha) so we are stocked outside the hall. Since I was alone, I was only observing my co-fangirls/fanboys, one thing that catches my sight is the Lolo in front of me. He stood on his location even though the crowd is already swaying like the sea. He has with him his cellphone and every time the people screams he opens his phone and tries to check if the team are already arrived. At first I thought he won’t last long and will get out of the jampacked of people, but I was wrong, he is there and still standing. So in my position, every time the people behind me pushes I stand firm so that Lolo will not get hurt. I remember Lolo Lawrence the one who stood for 6 hrs to buy the TAMANG PANAHON ticket. For the love of ALDUB.

When the time is fast approaching, the people became more beastmode and they jostle just to break the barricade, but unfortunately the guards doubled it up that makes the crowd more intense. Some of the group went out because the crowd really want to infiltrate inside the hall. Minutes passed, some of the guards took some of the fans in, and Lolo was one of them,good thing!but the crowd shouted that it was unfair, what are their bases why did they took some and let it in for free. So the crowd goes wild again. Until, the lady guard announced that the requirements is lowered down instead of purchasing Php 500.00 of any tenants in the mall, one movie card is equivalent to one movie pass which cost Php 215.00. Upon hearing it, i take risk and use the money I have. When two of the girls went out of the crowd I followed them and we run into the ticketing booth. What pisses me off, is that the girl assigned for the tickets said that we must purchase first a Php 500.00 for the hall still want the receipt. At first I regret why did I left my position there when knowing now that still we can’t see them personally 😭. So I went back to the crowd with a sad face 😩, and then what’s more sad about it is that they won’t let anyone enter anymore. Once you exit you cannot re-enter because the crowd is already heavy 😭😿. Isn’t it pathetic! So I stand there hoping that I could enter again, but failed. Until such time that the man assigned to guard the place announced that we can still avail the movie card ticket which is Php 215.00 as what the lady guard told us earlier, in this case, I raised and asked if we really need to purchase something so that we can enter, good thing that there’s no need to avail something anymore. Just the movie card and we can go inside the hall easily. (Yey, positive lang malapit nah!). So the students who are also there listening quickly run to the ticketing booth to avail the movie card and also me (ako pa ba magpapahuli..hahaha). Now back to the ticketing booth and the line is already long.

20151217_171632The people patiently waiting for their turn to get the movie ticket. The time check 5:00PM no worries because for sure they will be the last to appear.

20151217_173250.jpgFinally got my movie card as entry to the SKY HALL. Now heading to SKY Park.


Now I’m inside the Hall and that’s the stage there. After a minute, the show started with games, trivias and etc.

And the moment we have waited. The host announce the name of our PAMBANSANG BAE Alden Richards. He went out of the stage singing his single WISH I MAY.

Bae is so gwapo. His dimples deepens as he sing.


After singing, a game was made with the girl fans. How lucky they are to be with Alden. (nakakainggit, lalo na yung girl na naka hug palagi kay Bae).

Diba naka hug siya. Swerte!

After the game, Bae prepares his second song which on the other hand introduces his Leading Lady Maine Mendoza. They duet the song God Gave Me You.

Now they are singing God Gave Me You.
Look how cute they are with each other.

Maine is so cute, beautiful and she’s really wacky. They’re match MAIDEN Heaven. And guess what?for the nth time our Bae Alden kneels again in front of our Queen Maine while singing GGMY. After all the romantic excitements (kilig) happened, all the screaming of the fans fill the area of the hall. After they sing, the other loveteam of the movie was introduced and they are Bossing Vic and Ms. Ai-ai, Director Joey was there also.


They are now promoting their movie. We know this will be a block buster movie, with the Box Office King Bossing and Comedy Queen Ms. Ai plus the phenomenal loveteam ALDUB for sure this will be a big hit.

All in all, the wait, to be with an overly crowded fan, running to avail the ticket, the screaming, and the money is all worth it. I finally saw them.

But I have this one comment or small reaction, it’s about the Dubsmash thing, as the fans were shouting for a dubsmash, ALDUB are willing to do it, Maine says “may nakasalang ba?”, unfortunately the sound engineer is not prepared. A little dismay, but there will be a next time, sa TAMANG PANAHON, hope to take a selfie with them too.


Note: The movie card worth Php 215.00 can still be used on the showing date of My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore. Still worth, walang perang masasayang.
 Ciao everyJuan!

Author: ai Leen

I'm really not a book reader so I must say I'm not good in expresing something in a poetic way. I graduated as an Engineering basically in Computer field, but I'm not working instead helping our small family business. I love to sing but the songs don't like my voice "baka umulan lang". I like to dance but my body is in bulgy (mataba eh) so small indak2 lang. There's many things about me, i'll tell it all here. Hopefully!

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  1. Oh my god! Your so lucky that you saw them personally!😭😭


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