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The Sunday Currently | Vol.7

I still can’t move on about the Wedding of the Century of the Phenomenal Loveteam now already married which each other,  Mr. & Mrs. Alden and Maine Richards.


something related to BIR, tax dues again, and posts from the Wedding of ALDUB last Saturday in Twitter and Facebook

The Sunday Currently vol. 7 and vat relief to be submitted tomorrow

the movie Fast & Furious 6, missing Paul Walker

what to put in the vat relief, the amount in the receipt or the original amount not withheld (sorry I was facing BIR documents kaya yan ang iniisip ko ngayon ..hahahha), and about the :* Mr. & Mrs.Richards shared last Saturday ..”Alden, you may kiss the bride”….juskolored 😀

fabric conditioner from the clothes that was washed earlier this afternoon

to earn as much as some members of PPM (fight, fight, fight lang, never quit), and hopefully he’ll come back (you, yes you BD)

someone will trust and join my team, that he’ll come back one of this days, weeks, months 😦

white short and my old shirt which I cut the sleeve part

my encoding job, I really enjoyed it 😀

him to be back, if he is still single 😀

proper working place (masakit na ang likod ko dahil sa improper posture in working)

positive at all times, negatrons are not welcome


So there it goes my sevent entry in Sunday Currently. Hope you’ll start your week with a very big smile and a positive outlook in life. Just always SMILE, it can give you a very blooming day ahead.

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ciao everyJuan😍