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Hotcake or Pancake

Yesterday, I cooked some hotcake as per request by my father dear. He really loves hotcake or pancake that if he went to a grocery, a box of pancake will always be included. My niece and nephew loves to eat it too, as a matter of fact, they even helped me prepare some of the ingredients and sometimes they really wanted to do the cooking which is not yet advisable because its too hot for them to handle.

So let’s begin.

The Ingredients

  • cream all purpose flour-1kg
  • eggs-4pcs
  • water-2 cups or depends on the solution
  • sugar-2 cups or depends on how you want it too sweet or not
  • margarine-1-2 tablespoon
  • vanilla extract-a little amount
  • yeast or baking powder (if available, but its best if you have this to make the hotcake mix rise)

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