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Being Loved and being inLove

Being loved and being in love are two of the things that could be the happiest thing in a relationship. Knowing that there is someone who always think of you, someone that will check if you already eaten your breakfast, lunch and dinner, someone who will text and greet you first early in the morning, and someone who will call just to check if you are fine and where are your whereabouts for that day. It’s the best feeling that I ever dreamed of to be felt.

I think I felt it but it didn’t took so long, only a span of time. It was surreal because I’ve never seen him, never felt him and never hear his voice. That time I was in love with him, no, not that time alone, up until now I’m still freaking in love with the man I have never seen (but saw his pictures) and never talked to. I don’t know if i was being loved by him, but the way he converse me, I felt I was being loved but a vague one. 😢😢😢

Why is it so hard to be loved?Why are there people that are easily be loved?


How to control to fall in love easily when there are people who treated you nice and important but the real thing is they are just sweet with no malice?

These are the questions that lingers on my mind everytime I encountered this word 👉 LOVE.

P.S. waiting for your friendly advice 😁 if none its okay 😁😁😁, I’ll figure it out someday.

ciao everyJuan 😍