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PlanProMatrix-Homebased Online Business

Networking companies in the Philippines are coming out like mushrooms. For some people, it was an unknown concept but it started in the 18th and 19th century during industrial revolution.Today, it is very aggressive as it grow and develop in different system. To build a networking business, TRUST is the key to success. You have to give out something, that is your investment, then you will receive something out of it, more than what you have given away if you will work harder. That’s ROI return of capital. You can’t get your ROI just in one day. You have to wait months or years, some are weeks.

What is Planpromatrix (PPM)?

PPM is a homebased online business that social media like FACEBOOK is mainly used. 100% online that even if you are only in your house you can do the job. Sakop nito ang buong mundo, bundok o patag basta may internet conection at remitance center. No qualifications needed. Mayaman mahirap, nkapag-aral o hindi, basta may pangarap at gustong kumita ng extra income,welcome na welcome ka.

Who is the founder of PPM?

The Founder of PPM is Sir Mark George “Bong” Naval. Actually he is the owner of the company and he is from Camarines Norte, Bicol

Is it Legal?

PPM Legalities


How much is the investment?

You only pay P600.00 in which you will be paying for the software of data entry and for activating your account for managing and monitoring purposes, one time payment only and lifetime membership already.

Are there requirements needed? Yes, you must have an:

  • internet/data connection
  • facebook account
  • laptop/pc for data entry
  • or smartphone/tab/ipad
  • valid ID for encashment purposes

How to earn in PLANPROMATRIX?

1. Data Entry: What are we TYPING? It’s CAPTCHA!

Yes, it’s a CAPTCHA CODE.

I believe you are familiar with captcha codes. Have you tried changing your password or any information in your email account? You will be asked to enter the image or code. That’s the captcha code.

“A CAPTCHA (an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”)

According to Cambridge Dictionary, captcha is a system that is used to make sure that a human being, not a machine, is using a computer. The person may be asked to type in a series of letters or numbers, or to complete a simple game or simply to protect your account.

Imagine Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Banks and other financial institutions are using these images. PPM is there to provide and satisfy them of the service.

Images and video above are some of the example of the captchas being encoded using the software provided by PPM and is already included in your Php 600.00 investment together with your account for monitoring and other products and services offered.

2. E-loading – 1 regular sim can be used as dealer/retailer that can load to all networks

As a DEALER how can I earn in E-Loading?

Once your sim number is already registered as a DEALER you can earn through Retailer Codes. If your PPM account has already been activated (kapag nakapag pay na kayo ng Php 600.00 for account activation) you are capable to activate a retailer’s sim unlimited. If you have a friend, neighbor, or those who are interested to sell loads you can activate their sim as ONE SIM TO ALL NETWORKS using your retailer codes, with these you have the advantage to let them pay from Php 50.00-Php 200.00 just to activate their sim. Through these you are already earning because retailer codes are for free. You will gain a commission in every load denomination, it depends and another add-on since most of the loads nowadays are already added with Php 2.00 or Php 3.00 and its all yours again. You can also load your personal number or use the free text which is given in every purchase of DEALER funds with the minimum of Php 300.00.

3. Advertisements / Referrals

If you decide to join the PPM, the best thing to gain downlines and start your team is by advertising the company. In these way you can have possible prospects that are interested to join, by just copying+pasting or sharing different related post and proofs from the members of PPM. You can post from your timeline but best is posting in “sikat na mga artista’s page” or groups. You may encounter negatrons but bear in mind that they will always present in Networking world, just kill them with kindness. AMEN. P.S always make your messenger online because prospects usually use the messenger for an explanation on how the system works.

You may view this videos for you to know how the system for referrals really does works.

  • 2×1 Matrix
  • Pass3Unli
  • Indirect Referral


FREEBIES included in PPM

  • Ebooks – these ebooks are downloadable easily into your laptops/pc


  • Free SMS


  • Ads Package – you can promote your own business thru ADS Package , ‘coz our company PPM have 2000 views ADS

ads pack.jpg


PLANPROMATRIX is worldwide so these is open to all Filipinos here in the Philippines and specially OFW’s or housewives in abroad.


If you are interested and want to know more about how these company really works, you only have to find a sponsor just like me to guide you inside our system online. Feel free to comment me here or add me on facebook and give me a pm :


and if you want to join my team, just click the link below for your free registration, and for the details on how or where you will send the Php 600.00 registration fee just comment below or pm me on my facebook account



credits to all the pictures, videos and some infos used

ciao everyJuan😍

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The Sunday Currently | Vol.5

It’s been awhile since my last entry of The Sunday Currently. I’ve always been thinking to make one every Sunday but unfortunately I always forgot to do so. So, here I am now sharing what I m doing


Posts from facebook, searches from dating site and teacher’s quotes from google

The Sunday Currently vol. 5, and a draft for a teacher’s day present for my niece’s teacher

Voice of Richard Guttierez and the girl host for Miss World 2016 pageant

how to gain downlines for my online business (networking)

hmmmm…*sniff sniff* nothing

that I can also earn more in my business venture

someone will trust and join my team

shorts and a sando

my encoding job, I enjoyed it 😀

to have a new laptop and a4tech or logitech keyboard

something that I really don’t know if I really need it

lonely yet excited, I don’t know what’s there for me in the future


So there it goes my fifth entry in Sunday Currently. Hope you’ll start your week with a very big smile and a positive outlook in life. Just always SMILE, it can give you a very blooming day ahead.

P.S I have a new par time job an online data entry, if you are interested please do send me a comment and I’ll guide you with it 😀

Join siddathornton on her collection of Sunday Currently

ciao everyJuan😍

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Diy – Flower and its vase 🌺🌼🌾

I really love doing arts specially school projects. As for now let me present to you the project of my niece in her Filipino subject. She chooses to have a Plorera. They where advised to use scrap materials like a bottle or a can, while for the flowers any papers will do.

The Making.

The vase was made with a can in which I wrapped it with a bondpaper, then rolled it on a powder of powder dust. As for the design of the base, I attached a crepe paper color green, cut it like a leaves underground and a flower like a santan and put it on the body of the can.

For the flowers, the violet, orange and pink long curly strands used materials such as a stick (to make it stand), a straw (to cover the stick with a color green crepe paper serve as the stem) and the curly style are made with crepe paper cut at least 2 inches rectangular, then cut vertically with at least 1/2 for the curls. then last was the leaves made of cartolina cut into leaves shape.

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Passport on-hand



I already got my new passport yesterday. I was excited to have this, finally I already have something to look into like travelling to other country because I already have the main requirement before doing so.

The Philippine Passport has already evolve, from a simple one to a very Filipino design. Attached above is the front page of it with the Philippine Eagle whose uniqueness, strength, power, and love for freedom – exemplifies the Filipino people. As you scan the whole page, you can also notice the Pambansang Awit ng Pilipinas lyrics divided through each pages. It was beautiful.

And oh! by the way, the passport validity is still 5 years, I guess the 10 years validity is still not approved as of this moment and on the process.

To all who already scheduled and waiting for their passports to be released, stay calm and be patient, because you will really get your passports in less than 30 mins (may vary if there are a lot of people) but still it was fast.

P.S. Try to go there at least 2 or 3 days after the tentative date given in the receipt, for sure your passport is already prepared.

I guess that’s all, gonna save save save for the travel expenses for my future


ciao everyJuan😍

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Finally applied for a Passport!

Last Friday was my schedule for my passport application, I was with my friend and her colleague. It was 2:30 in the afternoon and we finished at exactly 3:30 pm. I was amazed that the process didn’t take much longer and we are just sitting there talking while waiting for our turn.

If you want to apply also for your passport, you may follow these steps:

  1. Do the online application on this link www.passport.com.ph
  2. Then you click Schedule Appointment tab
  3. After clicking, it will redirect you to Terms and Condition in which you are asked to choose either Individual Appointment or Group Appointment
  4. After choosing, you will now start to fill-up the necessary informations about you, please do check twice, thrice or may be for the fourth time if all your entries are correct.
  5. Just follow the steps there and do the confirmation
  6. After you have finished all the entries and you already confirmed the application, you need to print it out on an A4 size bondpaper

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The Sunday Currently | Vol.4

Just finished taking a bath for the second time for this day. Reason  is, I got my hair dyed in mahogany color. Now let’s get back to the main topic. The currently.


My previous blog.

The Sunday Currently vol. 4

the voice of Harry Potter

about my future plans

the pillow (amoy ng shampoo :D)

for something to come

for something that well benefit for me and for my family

pajamas and lose converse t-shirt

the people around me

something specially for my future

the love and affection of a partner

lonely, but yet, life is too short so better look up and have the positive vibes, look for the brighter side of the world


So there it goes my fourth entry in Sunday Currently. Hope you’ll start your week with a very big smile and a positive outlook in life. Just always SMILE, it can give you a very blooming day ahead.

Join siddathornton on her collection of Sunday Currently

ciao everyJuan😍

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…there he goes, there he goes again!

As far as I remember it was last year when we started to chat in a dating site called dateinasia.com. He was the one who messaged me first and started the conversation. I can still remember his caption that he wants to meet Asian friends for his travel in different countries in Asia. Then that’s were it all started.😍

He was still a student back then, we did chat with each other talking things that comes up on our mind, his whereabouts, what his pastime, and etc. I love our conversation, it went well. His profile pic at that time was a picture of him like a throwback picture (in black and white color) and he was thin, but still good looking. There are days that we don’t chat and I fully understand it because he was a student at that time. Then July 26th came (can’t forget that day because it was my friends birthday). As I was visiting his profile, he already changed his profile pic into colored and more recent 🙀. He looks like Paulo Avelino at that time, so handsome and cute and also I figured out that he already added his facebook account in his profile. I did ask why and he answered me that there are a lot of girls who asked for his facebook account (jellyfish strikes my inner system) 😢😢😢. I know I don’t have the right to feel that way but I feel it deeply like there’s this knife 💔🗡 stabbing on my heart. I didn’t waste any minute so I added him up on my fb. Then he accepted it. There I found some of his pictures. He is really young and handsome. Since he was already in facebook, we continued our chitchats in facebook messenger app instead in dateinasia site. There I found out that he has only one brother, and his mother and father is already separated and the latter has already a Filipina girlfriend here in the Philippines. That’s the reason why he included Philippines on his trip in Asia, to visit his father. He told me when will he come and other things about his travel. I asked him if he also told his new found girlfriends about his itineraries or when shall he be in the Philippines and he answered no, he only told me about it (wow!I’m overwhelmed). He told me daw because I was the one who have talked to him constantly and for the longer time. So as days passed (near to his scheduled travel in Philippines), this all  started..he was never online, he never chatted again, I guess his busy with his Asian adventure. Days, weeks, months passed and still no words from him. Then year come, 2016, after a few days from the new years eve, he was online, he chat and I was happy at that time. We talked about his adventure in other countries as well as here in the Philippines. He told me that he visited his father and went here in Cebu particularly in Ayala (where he stayed for a night or two). I’m happy that he was enjoying his adventures. I also found out that he already graduated from his studies and now he is on a firm as a newbie accountant (his an Accounting student). I was proud of what he attained, he is serious in his studies and that’s good.

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