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Hotcake or Pancake

Yesterday, I cooked some hotcake as per request by my father dear. He really loves hotcake or pancake that if he went to a grocery, a box of pancake will always be included. My niece and nephew loves to eat it too, as a matter of fact, they even helped me prepare some of the ingredients and sometimes they really wanted to do the cooking which is not yet advisable because its too hot for them to handle.

So let’s begin.

The Ingredients

  • cream all purpose flour-1kg
  • eggs-4pcs
  • water-2 cups or depends on the solution
  • sugar-2 cups or depends on how you want it too sweet or not
  • margarine-1-2 tablespoon
  • vanilla extract-a little amount
  • yeast or baking powder (if available, but its best if you have this to make the hotcake mix rise)

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Pasta Penne Regati

Next to my craving list was pasta, and now I’m choosing Penne Regati as the pasta to be used instead of spaghetti. I called my recipe Pasta Penne Regati with a twist.

You’ll know why I put “with a twist” later.

Now let’s start.

The Ingredients are:



  • Penne Regati
  • Italian sauce or Filipino Sauce (according to your preferences)
  • cheese (for me I used the Eden Melt Sarap cheese as an alternative)
  • Nestle Cream
  • minced pork or spaghetti sauce
  • oil
  • white onions or the regular onion
  • garlic

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The Sunday Currently | Vol.8

Today is the birthday of my brother in law and my cousin, both went to church to thanks for another life, I accompanied my cousin to the church at Birhen sa Regla in Opon, Lapu-Lapu together with her son, while my brother in law went to Sto. Niño with his family. My cousin bought some crab pancit canton and a longi and she said that she will be sharing it to my brother in law since they both have the same birthdays — for long life. It was a simple celebration yet very special.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kuya Arwin & Ate Letlet.

🎂🍧 🍨 🍦🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁🎉🎉🎉


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The Sunday Currently vol. 8

Kahit Kailan by South Border

about how to find the one (the right man)

*sniff* *sniff* hmmmmmm nothing

that soon will find the right man I’ve been searching for a long time

to find someone that will accept me, love me and love my family as well

jersey loose short and polo shirt sleeve (i cut the arms side)

the playlist I’m listening right now

to have an enough money to buy some present for my mothers birthday next Saturday as well as for my baby boy Jacob whose birthday is right after my mother’s day — Sunday

I already have a nice working place (just as what I needed the last time), now, I think I can’t figure out what I’m needing that is very important as of the moment, except for a new laptop or desktop but its not so necessary because my old laptop (what I am using now) is still usable 😀

positive at all times, negatrons are not welcome


So there it goes my eight entry in Sunday Currently. Hope you’ll start your week with a very big smile and a positive outlook in life. Just always SMILE, it can give you a very blooming day ahead.

Join siddathornton on her collection of Sunday Currently

ciao everyJuan😍

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Being Loved and being inLove

Being loved and being in love are two of the things that could be the happiest thing in a relationship. Knowing that there is someone who always think of you, someone that will check if you already eaten your breakfast, lunch and dinner, someone who will text and greet you first early in the morning, and someone who will call just to check if you are fine and where are your whereabouts for that day. It’s the best feeling that I ever dreamed of to be felt.

I think I felt it but it didn’t took so long, only a span of time. It was surreal because I’ve never seen him, never felt him and never hear his voice. That time I was in love with him, no, not that time alone, up until now I’m still freaking in love with the man I have never seen (but saw his pictures) and never talked to. I don’t know if i was being loved by him, but the way he converse me, I felt I was being loved but a vague one. 😢😢😢

Why is it so hard to be loved?Why are there people that are easily be loved?


How to control to fall in love easily when there are people who treated you nice and important but the real thing is they are just sweet with no malice?

These are the questions that lingers on my mind everytime I encountered this word 👉 LOVE.

P.S. waiting for your friendly advice 😁 if none its okay 😁😁😁, I’ll figure it out someday.

ciao everyJuan 😍


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My own version of PALITAW (Rice Cake)

What is a PALITAW:

Palitaw is a Philippine dessert and snack made with simple rice flour dough that is boiled and then coated in coconut and sesame seeds. The small, flat rice cakes are traditionally eaten during holiday festivities but can be enjoyed at any time.

Since, I’ve been craving to eat Palitaw nowadays (hey, I’m not pregnant, gusto ko lang kumain talaga nito tapos yung maraming coconut tsaka sugar—-tsarap). So everytime, I went to JMall, I went first to the Painitan corner to buy one – 7pcs for Php 45.00 (if ako ang gagawa it could be a lot cheaper because I can make plenty of it). 😂

When my cousin tagged me in her post in Instagram, she posted her own version of PALITAW also, she said that it was so easy to cook, so she shared a video on how to do it.

—-watching the video—-

Now the next step to make my cravings completely satisfied, I need to find the ingredients specially the Glutinous Rice flour. Good thing JMall and Colonade has an available stocks. So now I can start making it.

The Ingredients:

1 1/4 cup of powdered Glutinous rice flour

2/3 cup of water

1/2 cup of sugar

1 tablespoon of sesame seeds

and a freshly grated coconut grains


Glutinous Rice Flour


These are the main ingredients

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