Diy – Flower and its vase πŸŒΊπŸŒΌπŸŒΎ

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I really love doing arts specially school projects. As for now let me present to you the project of my niece in her Filipino subject. She chooses to have a Plorera. They where advised to use scrap materials like a bottle or a can, while for the flowers any papers will do.

The Making.

The vase was made with a can in which I wrapped it with a bondpaper, then rolled it on a powder of powder dust. As for the design of the base, I attached a crepe paper color green, cut it like a leaves underground and a flower like a santan and put it on the body of the can.

For the flowers, the violet, orange and pink long curly strands used materials such as a stick (to make it stand), a straw (to cover the stick with a color green crepe paper serve as the stem) and the curly style are made with crepe paper cut at least 2 inches rectangular, then cut vertically with at least 1/2 for the curls. then last was the leaves made of cartolina cut into leaves shape.

The yellow flowers are still the same with the curly flowers stem, it has a stick with a straw and the leaves, for the yellow flower, a yellow crepe paper was used, cut into a 3×3 square inch then stapled at the middle before cutting it into circle. Once it becomes circle you may now crumpled each strand of the crepe paper until you form these bulky half round of the flower.

The yellow and red flowers is my favorite, it is still consist of a stick with a straw for the stem, the leaves and finally the main attraction the flowers made in cartolina. The red and orange petals curved inside are made with cartolina which layered with different sizes of circle petals.

These are the finished product.



Sana magustuhan niyo itong plorera naming gawa sa papel at lata.

P.S. Sorry if i haven’t showed the step by step procedure of doing the flowers, I haven’t documented the process because of the time frame we needed due to its deadline.

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

ciao everyJuan😍


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