The Sunday Currently | Vol.3

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I have 2 more nights and 1 day to be in the 27th year of my life, on the 5th of July another year will be added…28 years old??getting old πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Some stories published in Facebook

The Sunday Currently vol. 3, and some drafts for another entry in my not so nice blog 😊

Secret Love by Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo

about my upcoming birthday

the sweet scent of avocado beside me

that my wish will be granted

that he will be online on my special day

white jersey shorts and a loose red shirt

this mashed avocado, healthy fruits for healthy living

to have a new laptop (one that I can install autodesk and can practice autocad) and wanting to talk to him (badly miss him so much)

something that I really don’t know if I really need it

lonely, yet need to be active and acting as if I’m okay even if not


So there it goes my third entry in Sunday Currently. Hope you’ll start your week with a very big smile and a positive outlook in life. Just always SMILE, it can give you a very blooming day ahead.

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ciao everyJuan😍


Author: ai Leen

I'm really not a book reader so I must say I'm not good in expresing something in a poetic way. I graduated as an Engineering basically in Computer field, but I'm not working instead helping our small family business. I love to sing but the songs don't like my voice "baka umulan lang". I like to dance but my body is in bulgy (mataba eh) so small indak2 lang. There's many things about me, i'll tell it all here. Hopefully!

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