I ↔️ (ai) ↔️ (love)

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I never thought,

I never thought that I could feel this kind of longing unto someone,
I never thought that I always checked on the clock waiting for 11:11 o’clock time,
I never thought that I really did wish on that particular time in the morning as well as in the evening,
and I never thought that you will be a part of my life though there was never an US

I thought,

I thought that we will be exchanging more messages,
I thought that you will try not to leave me hanging without any words,
I thought you do loved me and you’ve cared for me specially my feelings,
and I thought that the feelings will grow and somehow lead us to become lovers

I missed,

I missed the way you call me with different endearments like hun, babe and swettie,
I missed your messages which at the end of it you never forgot to put LOL,
I missed your greetings “Good evening hun” at 11 o’clock in the evening (8 o’clock in the morning Seattle time) and we ended our conversations at 4 o’clock in the morning,
and I really missed how you boost my self esteem by saying that I am sexy even though I’m fat

I hoped,

I hoped whatever you are doing now, you can think of me even just 1% of your time,
I hoped you are okay on your work and be safe always,
I hoped you’ll be back soon messaging me that you also missed me,
and I hoped that you’ll be the one God has sent from up above to become my partner in life forever


I just missed someone who have given a big impact on my heart.


Hope you’ll be back very very soon.

ciao everyJuan😍


Author: ai Leen

I'm really not a book reader so I must say I'm not good in expresing something in a poetic way. I graduated as an Engineering basically in Computer field, but I'm not working instead helping our small family business. I love to sing but the songs don't like my voice "baka umulan lang". I like to dance but my body is in bulgy (mataba eh) so small indak2 lang. There's many things about me, i'll tell it all here. Hopefully!

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