Hotdog and Cheese Roll Sandwich

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My sister got inspired to make a roll sandwich today, I asked her what made her think of doing such, she answered that she saw the Sarap With Family portion last Saturday where Jenylyn cooks a sausage roll and she think it was easy as long as the ingredients are there, why not try to make one, but in her case instead of using a sausage she used a hotdog.


  • slice bread
  • hotdogs/cheesedog or sausage or ham
  • cheese (any kind of cheese)
  • bread crumbs
  • egg (for sealing and for dipping to let the bread crumbs stick to the bread)
  • oil for cooking



  1. Flatten the bread using rolling pin, in case you don’t have a rolling pin like us, just use a glass of water then roll it down.
  2. Cut the hotdog by half vertically so that the bread will not be so bulky.
  3. Also cut the cheese into vertical long cube size.
  4. Once the bread was flatten align the hotdog and cheese on the tip of the bread then roll it onward.
  5. Use the white yolk of the egg to seal the roll.
  6. After rolling all the sandwiches dip it on the white yolk and then to the bread crumbs.
  7. After dipping you may now cook.

this is ready to be cook


wait until the sandwiches becomes light brown


some of the breads are started to changed its color to brown




Once the color becomes brown that’s the sign that its already cooked, you can now put it on a dry tissue paper to let the oil drain. As you can see the cheese are melting,,Oh so yummy!!



Presenting the finished product. Hotdog and Cheese Roll Sandwich made by my very own sister Raquel.


Want to take a bite?you can make your own roll sandwiches too, for just Php 250.00-Php 300.00 you can make almost 16-18 pcs of these Hotdog and Cheese Roll Sandwiches.

Share your finger food dishes too. Love to know something and try to make it for the family.

I’ll wait for something.

ciao everyJuan😍


Author: ai Leen

I'm really not a book reader so I must say I'm not good in expresing something in a poetic way. I graduated as an Engineering basically in Computer field, but I'm not working instead helping our small family business. I love to sing but the songs don't like my voice "baka umulan lang". I like to dance but my body is in bulgy (mataba eh) so small indak2 lang. There's many things about me, i'll tell it all here. Hopefully!

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