Recognition Day

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Recognition Day is the culmination of all hard work and a year of study. It is the day when us, studentsĀ can say, ā€œIā€™ve done itā€. It is a milestone in our life. It is also a day when we gather and celebrateĀ success.



Mickaela with her cousin Jacob

Mickaela’s Recognition Day was held last March 29, 2016 together with the other graders and high school students.

She receives two Character Awards which are the MOST BEHAVE and MOST KIND, while the medals was given last January as a reward from their Foundation Day. She was ranked as top 8 in the class with an average of 89.5%. Achievers are chosen for their 90% averageĀ overall.

Kahit na hindi ka nasali sa Achievers Ate Micka we are still proud of you. You’ve tried your very bestĀ even thoughtĀ you started your first grading in Davao City and went back here on the second grading. BeingĀ behind of the other classmates are hard but you still manage to get the 89.5%. JOB WELL DONE ATE MICKA, the whole family is PROUD OF YOU.”


Jacob with his cousin Ate Micka

Jacob’s Recognition was held on the next day March 30, 2016 after Micka’s recognition together with the moving up of the K2 learners.

He receives two Character Awards which are the MOST PARTICIPATIVE and MOST DISCIPLINED. He got 11 medals which are the following:

Value Oriented Awardee
Academic Achiever
Best in Mathematics
Best in Araling Panlipunan
Best in Story Telling

Festival of Talents (extra-curricular)
1st Place in Coloring Contest
2nd Place in Oral Reading
3rd Place in Writing Contest
4th Place in Poem Recitation
5th Place in Draw and Tell

1st Place in Dance Contest
(Group Category)


Jacob’s 11 medals

Jacob was ranked as the first one, but they are only called as the Top Achievers. He got an average of 90.89% and the other achievers got 89-90% average.

Congratulations Jacob. JOB WELL DONE Baby, all the babad sa init tuwing tanghali are all paid off. Sana pagbutihan mo pa sa susunod which is in K2. Paramihin mo pa ang iyong mga medalya. Magaling, magaling, magaling. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU”

As an Aunt, what I wish for them is to have a good education. They may have an award or not, but what’s important is that they know the real value of Education. They will know what will be the result if they will have a good education and be successful. So Ate Micka and Jacob don’t stop believing what are your capabilities never stop dreaming. AIM HIGH! Wala kaming mga ganyang awards noon pero we are so very happy watching the two of you accepting your fruit of hardships. Kaya read and understand what you are studying. OKAYĀ šŸ‘


ciao everyJuanšŸ˜


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