North Escapade-Guiwanon Coldspring

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Feb 7, 2016

We went to the north side of Cebu particularly in Tabogon, Cebu City.


 This cold spring was called as the Enchanting Guiwanon Colds pring, located at Maslog, Tabogon Cebu City.

The water is so clear, so cold and so amazing.


The plan was to go to Tabogon to sign the Land documents my mother and her siblings inherit from their late mother. After the signing and the talking we will go swimming in this amazing, and relaxing cold spring.

Picture above consist of my mother (right side) followed by my father, my nephew, me on a white t-shirt, my sister in law (left side) and my cousin in the middle, the man behind was my uncle.

We enjoyed soaking on the cold water, even though the water leveled only on our hips, notice our knees bending, its because it’s still low tide.


They are my relatives, tengga sa cottage, walang damit na pampalit, di sila ready unlike us excited eh..hahahaaha. So they are obliged to prepare the foods for all of us.😤😤

But if they like to soak just their feet, yes they can in fact the small fishes will clean their callus..😝😝😝


Did you noticed the small fishes?they are just staying on the side of the shore waiting or looking for a food under the stones.

If you are planning to visit this amazing God creature (i mean the water itself..) try to check this following infos:

  1. More or less 4hrs of travel from Mandaue proper to Tabogon, Cebu City
  2. It was just along the road but take note, the name is not seen clearly, if your taking a ceres bus, you may tell the driver to stop you on the exact location, but if you are using your private vehicle practice asking locations to people..ganoin!.
  3. Cottage is worth Php 100.00 if you like, pwede din nmang wala.
  4. Entrance fee if motor – Php 5.00 each.
  5. Entrance fee if car – Php 10.00 each (so alam na! go for a motor para maka discount kahit naka car..hahaha…🙊 🙊 🙊).
  6. Ceres bus fare more or less Php 80.00.
  7. If your bring a car (porsche hahaha) don’t worry about the parking, the place is very big to accommodate the cars.


So that’s it, hope you’ll visit the place, it may not yet properly developed but you will be amazed in the relaxing feeling once you get soak in the water.

ciao EveryJuan. 😍


Author: ai Leen

I'm really not a book reader so I must say I'm not good in expresing something in a poetic way. I graduated as an Engineering basically in Computer field, but I'm not working instead helping our small family business. I love to sing but the songs don't like my voice "baka umulan lang". I like to dance but my body is in bulgy (mataba eh) so small indak2 lang. There's many things about me, i'll tell it all here. Hopefully!

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